No More Algae Outdoor Cleaner – 5L Bottle

No More Algae Outdoor Cleaner – 5L Bottle

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Spray it, leave it, believe it…

Green 2 Clean

No More Algae is a microbiological surface biocide cleaner which is highly effective for the removal of algae, moss, lichen, fungi, black mould, bacteria and viruses on external hard surfaces.

No More Algae’s unique formula is safe to use and fully biodegradable.


No More Algae Outdoor Cleaner – 5L Bottle

Spray it, Leave it, Believe it… FROM GREEN 2 CLEAN!

  • No More Algae is a microbiological surface biocide cleaner specifically designed to be highly effective against algae, moss, fungi, lichen, bacteria and viruses on external hard surfaces.
  • It can also be used as a wood preservative for protection against wood rotting fungi on external timbers.
  • Application ratios from 1:20 – 1:5 for maximum effect
  • Safe for animals, pets and children once dry

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Precision Dosage and NO SPILLS!
A ‘safe’ and ‘green’ way to remove & prevent algae, moss, fungi, lichen, black mould, bacteria and viruses from causing potential safety hazards & damaging surface materials. GREEN TO CLEAN™ can be used all year round to kill or prevent algae, moss, fungi, lichen, & moulds etc.


Surface should be dry before treating.
Do not spray if rain is expected within 24hrs of application (the longer it dries on the surface – the better the results, allow a drying time of 3 -5 hours).
Do not spray in extreme temperature, below 8ºc and above 25ºc (To avoid rapid evaporation, ideally spray early morning or late afternoon).


  • Dilute 1 part of NO MORE ALGAE with up to 20 parts of water depending upon extent and type of contamination and growth.
  • To treat heavy moss, algae, mould, lichen use 1:5 ratio, results seen within 5 – 21 days.
  • To treat moderate algae, fungi, moulds use 1:10 ratio, results seen within 5 – 21 days.
  • A preventative or wood preservative use 1:20 ratio applying once or twice yearly.

*Used as directed & in the correct conditions No More Algae keeps surfaces clear of re-growth from approximately six to 12 months depending on weather and wind conditions.


  • Shake container well before opening.
  • Add No More Algae to water in container to avoid excessive foaming.
  • Stir or mix the solution well before applying.
  • Ensure thorough saturation to affected area, foaming of the solution on the surface is normal and will disappear.
    NB: if applying to moss, it is vital to ensure thorough saturation of the plant to achieve best results – some mosses are very compact and it can be difficult to penetrate the stem structure, therefore consider brushing off heavy growth before treatment.
  • Secondary application is always recommended to kill off stubborn plants and lichen as well as dormant spores thus helping to delay re-growth.
  • Once your surface is ‘clean’, we recommend maintaining a problem free surface by applying No More Algae as a preventative, applying at least once a year.
  • It may be necessary in certain cases to use a soft brush and hose to agitate and remove dead spores and lichen from heavily soiled surfaces.


Low pressure sprayer or watering can & rose head.



Extra caution is required when applying near or around fish ponds or similar.
If you accidentally over spray on to delicate plants life, rinse off with clean water.IRRITANT

H314: Causes severe skin burns and eye damage.
P102: Keep out of reach of children.
P264: Wash hands thoroughly after handling.
P280: Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection.
P305+351+338: IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing.
P321: Specific treatment (see instructions on the label).
P405: Store locked up.

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