Outstanding Performance

Why is Rust-Off Non-acid Rust Remover so amazing at obliterating rusty stains and marks from your patio or paths?

  • Safe but Powerful

    Rust-Off Rust Remover has an unique, non-acid formula that removes rust and rust discolouration from acid sensitive stone areas such as patios, driveways or stone walls. Other products may damage or etch, but the pH neutral formula of Rust-Off will not.

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  • Non-acid Formula

    Rust-Off works supremely well. It specifically targets rust damage on stone and within ten minutes it will have worked its magic. It is non-acid and pH neutral for minimal impact. Say goodbye to rusty marks on your patio and paths. Try it and be amazed.

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  • Quality First

    Rust-Off is formulated and manufactured by Universeal Sealants, an innovative chemicals company that have a proven track record in stone sealers and stone cleaners. Universeal products are developed and formulated to deliver outstanding levels of performance.

  • Non-acid Formula

    Rust-Off Rust Remover uses, a safe, pH neutral solution that won’t damage your stone surface and is safe to use.

    You will be delighted with the performance – all rust stains, rust marks and typical ferrous discolouration will be eliminated with an application of Rust-Off. Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, Rust-Off and can tackle any old rusty problem!


  • Rust-Off Non-Acid Rust Remover 5 Litre Bottle

“Rust-Off Non-acid Rust Remover offers outstanding performance for dissolving problematic rust stains. Causes for these stains may be iron containing fertilizers, metal garden furniture, leaking heating systems, etc. Whether it’s internal or external, Rust-Off will remove any rust damage from your natural stone surface”

Highly Effective Rust Removal

Rust stains on natural stone are obliterated in just 10 minutes with our unique and safe, non-acid solution. Click to see before and after!

  1. Before
  2. After

Watch Rust-Off in action!

This video shows the powerful dissolving effect of Rust-Off Non-acid Rust Remover on rust stains. The unique, non-acid formula specifically targets rust patches and starts to work immediately.

Want to watch it direct over at youtube.com? go for it, it’s in HD quality.

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