Unparalleled Performance

New Clean 60 Patio Cleaner is the best cleaner for your patio and paths because:

  • Up to 5x better than the rest

    New Clean 60 Patio Cleaner is more powerful than any other Outdoor Cleaner on the market today. Our formula simply works. Try it and you will not be disappointed.

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  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    New Clean 60 works on all levels of grime and dirt, from a quick clean up from the winter months to a total renovation of year old encrusted lichen and stains.

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  • Clean & Seal for Perfect Results

    Once you have got a pristine clean finish, why not seal the look with our New Seal 60 easy stone sealer? A protective barrier to showcase the look!

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  • Professional Performance - Acid-Free Formula

  • Powerful performance with an acid free formula

    New Clean 60 Patio Cleaner is an alkaline based solution for a less aggressive impact

    New Clean 60 Patio Cleaner works without harmful acids – most rival cleaning products will work on your patio or pathways, but the majority use formulas with corrosive acids that can etch and damage the natural stone surface.

  • It’s unbeatable!

    New Clean 60 Patio Cleaner is the best outdoor stone cleaner that money can buy.

    We have developed a professional grade cleaner that will blitz grime, lichen, moss, dirt and pretty much everything else from your outdoor stone surfaces – the results speak for themselves!



Download our technical datasheet

Our helpful datasheet outlines usage guidelines and safety precautions for the application of New Clean 60 Patio Cleaner

“New Clean 60 is the best outdoor cleaner product available on the market today. It delivers amazing results on patios, pathways, driveways, pavers, slabs, stone walls, bricks and pretty much any other outdoor stone surface you could think of”

See the Power of New Clean 60

Outstanding results, every time – the before / after images speak for themselves.

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  2. After

See New Clean 60 Patio Cleaner in action. Watch the cleaner do its magic in this demonstration video

You will be amazed by New Clean 60 Patio Cleaner – guaranteed

We are confident that the results will speak for themselves – or your money back*.